Miista - Bond Girls

On October 26th 2015 a new bond film is to be released starring Daniel Craig titled Spectre.
This will be the twenty-forth James Bond film produced by Eon Productions, it was directed
by Sam Mendes (the same guy that directed Skyfall), and features James Bond encountering
a global criminal agency known as SPECTRE (the first time the organisation has been
mentioned since Diamonds Are Forever in 1971)
The element that most excites me about the Bond movies are the women, and so I wrote an article for Miista Shoes about it here where I talk about my favourite Bond Girls including Rosie Carver, Jill Masterson, Honey Ryder, Mei-Lei, Thumper, Pussy Galore and Sévérine;

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  1. cool concept and looks- and accompanying video clips