Please! Magazine Prom

Photography: Kristin Vicari

Styling: Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Makeup: Bea Sweet using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Liam Curran using Fudge Urban
Nails: Jen McColl using Chanel
Models: Maddie & Blue @ Elite, Pia @ M&P, Grace @ Viva, Josefin @ Hive
Makeup Assistant: Jesse Rose
Hair Assistant: Harry Souter

I did the makeup for this story in the latest Please! Magazine Issue 18.  I gave model Blue big lined 60's shaped eyes with a 50's style wing through the cut crease, model Maddie some kawaii stick on kitties and roses with a fluro pink graph liner, covered Pia in multiples of pink sequins, Josefin had pale lavender lids, finishing with Grace with fine rose-gold glitter.

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  1. amazing styling and makeup as always