Asli Polat SS16 LFW Makeup by Bea Sweet

Sponsored by Balance Me
Makeup keyed by Bea Sweet

IG: @BeaSweetBeauty TWTR: @Bea_Sweet
Show: 19th September 2015 at The Vinyl Factory, Marshall Street, London W1

The Look:
My inspiration was a 1960’s dream girl (imagine a morphed-together Jean Shrimpton, Dolly Parton and Tina Turner) with baby powder blue mid-eyelid liner with matching curled baby blue top and bottom eyelashes, rounded eyebrows, 2D flat matte skin with sheer red shine tinted lips

Products used by Balance Me:

·         Restore and Replenish Face Cream
·         Wonder Eye Cream
·         Shine On Tinted Lip Salve in “Sheer Red”
·         Super Toning Body Moisturiser
·         Super Toning Body Oil
·         Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

Makeup Step-by-Step:
1.       Massage two pumps of Restore and Replenish Face Cream into the skin, this is important because you want the skin to be properly hydrated before you matte the skin completely otherwise you may encourage dry patches
2.       One pump of Wonder Eye Cream was used for both eyes as a little goes a long way, massaged gently into the under-eye area and lightly on top of the eyelids to prepare them for the powder blue liner
3.       A baby powder blue liner was drawn horizontally along the centre of each eyelid, with a nod to the 60’s
4.       Eyelashes were curled and a matching shade of baby blue mascara was combed through the top and bottom eyelashes
5.       Eyebrows were filled in, brushed up towards the centre and tapered towards the end in a “rounded” shape to flatter the shape created on the eyelid
6.       Finish with a thick coat of Shine On Tinted Lip Salve in “Sheer Red” to add some warmth and depth back to the face
7.       A custom mix of Super Toning Body Moisturiser and Super Toning Body Oil mixed together to create a Moisturiser with slightly more shine while avoiding overly glossy skin was massaged onto limbs and any exposed skin when the models were dressed,

8.       The models used Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm to remove their makeup after the show

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Phiney Pet SS16 LFW

London Fashion Week SS16
Makeup Sponsored by Lime Crime
Makeup keyed by Bea Sweet

Date of show: 19th September 2015

Phiney Pet SS16 Collection was inspired by Birthday Parties, channeling girlishness over sexiness
Custom blended shrimp-peach eye shadow was pressed on to the eyelids using shades “Rebirth” and “Shell” from the Venus: Grunge Palette, with a burn of lime acid green stroked underneath the bottom eyelashes using “Citreuse” Liner
To finish, a choice of two shades of Velvetines used on the lips, with half the models wearing “Riot” and half wearing “Faded”

Products used:
   Venus: The Grunge Palette in “Rebirth”Venus: The Grunge Palette Eyeshadow in “Shell”Velvetines “Riot”Velvetines “Faded”
"Citreuse" Eyeliner

Makeup Step-by-Step:
  •        The skin was thoroughly prepped and a light base and powder applied
  •        “Rebirth” eyeshadow was pressed onto the upper eyelids, travelling no higher than the socket line, keeping the eye shape “rounded”
  •        “Shell” eyeshadow was dusted and blended over the top of “Rebirth” to lighten the shade and create a custom blended shrimp-peach tone
  •        “Citreuse” Liquid Eyeliner was run along the under eyes to create a burn of lime green acid
  •        Two coats of black mascara was applied to the upper eyelashes
  •        Eyebrows were filled in and groomed using an eyebrow gel
  •        Lips were the last thing to be applied, with a choice of two shades used, half of the models wore the Velvetine shade “Riot” and half wore the Velvetine shade “Faded”


Please! Magazine Prom

Photography: Kristin Vicari

Styling: Jeanie Annan-Lewin

Makeup: Bea Sweet using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Liam Curran using Fudge Urban
Nails: Jen McColl using Chanel
Models: Maddie & Blue @ Elite, Pia @ M&P, Grace @ Viva, Josefin @ Hive
Makeup Assistant: Jesse Rose
Hair Assistant: Harry Souter

I did the makeup for this story in the latest Please! Magazine Issue 18.  I gave model Blue big lined 60's shaped eyes with a 50's style wing through the cut crease, model Maddie some kawaii stick on kitties and roses with a fluro pink graph liner, covered Pia in multiples of pink sequins, Josefin had pale lavender lids, finishing with Grace with fine rose-gold glitter.