Val Garland Nike x Sacai

The sportswear giants Nike teamed up with the Japanese innovators Sacai for a new collaboration, showcased in a futuristic dance ritual by FKA Twigs’ choreographer

The two innovators celebrated their collaboration with a live performance in a London Ampitheatre, where I assisted Val Garland in the Makeup.

We created hard warrior-stripes in colour co-ordinated set ups, freehand painting square and sharp edges.  The performance itself was beyond incredible, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see.. absolutely excellent in every way possible.  One of my models was a girl named Tenisha who was a full-time dancer and another was Dominant from Wet Wipez from the UK's leading "Krump Family", check them out here: http://www.wetwipez.com/ 

Dancer Tenisha


  1. Bea!! Beautiful Bea, I was thinking of you today and googled you :) Hope everything is amazing with you.

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