ASIF Fashion Film by Nick Knight, styled by Simon Foxton

I did the makeup for this project and fashion film by Nick Knight, styled by Simon Foxton.

Fascinated by the visual language of the internet, Nick Knight collaborated with stylist Simon Foxton to create a menswear editorial for VMAN magazine and a fashion film that explore the impact of our exposure to this imagery on a daily basis. In keeping with Knight and SHOWstudio's preoccupation with newness and immediacy in both technology and imagery the #asif film and editorial draw together the new unique aesthetics, obsessions and semiotics of the web.

The editorial, shot by Knight and styled by Foxton, features an eclectic mix of models and street cast faces wearing pieces from exciting new collections by designers such as #BEENTRILL#, Hood by Air, Craig Green and KTZ.

Consisting of 3D visuals created by SHOWstudio's digital art director Jon Emmony and retoucher Tom Wandrag and edited by Younji Ku, the #asif fashion film is a multi-layered explosion of imagery found only in the virtual world. It features a bricolage of visuals taken partly from a digitally manipulated and dissected version of Knight's editorial and also from social media apps, fetishistic video clips, icons, error messages and other online-specific references. 'The internet is such a huge presence in life it's bound to issue a new form of art. #asif is the first step in SHOWstudio's vision of that form,' says Nick Knight.

In the days leading up to the shoot, Foxton curated a set of reference and process imagery including gifs, screenshots, model cards and styling ideas on the SHOWstudio Tumblr. This collection of imagery provides a hint to the building blocks that eventually formed the final work. 


Concept and Direction: Nick Knight/Simon Foxton
Imagery: Nick Knight
Styling: Simon Foxton
3D Animation: Jon Emmony
3D Elements: Tom Wandrag
Film Edit: Younji Ku
Sound Mixing: Younji Ku
Makeup: Bea Sweet
Hair: Matt Mulhall @ Streeters

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