SCMP Neelam

I did the Makeup for the current face-of-Burberry-star Neelam Johal using hand-crushed sea shells.  Using this method gives an iridescent 3D bronzed effect to her eyelids unlike any other product, sometimes you can go crazy without overstepping the mark!

I used a gunmetal toned Kohl around the edges of her eyes and along the waterline, and teamed this with lightly filled in and brushed brows, with a light layer of warm flesh toned lipstick.

Credits -
South China Morning Post Style Magazine
Photography - Alex Leese
Stylist - Jeanie Annan Lewin
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Roku Roppongi
Nails - Veronica Butenko via LMC Worldwide
Makeup Assistant - Daisy Harris-d'Andel
Model - Neelam Johal @ Models1

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