Arvida Bystrom for i-D

I did the makeup for the wonderful Arvida Bystrom for a feature on her for i-D, the link can be seen here -


Arvida is an artist, with her main medium being photography, her website can be found here - http://arvidabystrom.se/

I gave Arvida colourful and fun pops of colour in colours spied around the location house we were shooting in, and I used all MAC Cosmetics.

Key items needed for this look would be the statement pink glitter used on Arvida called "MAC Glitter" in fun shades such as "Reflects Very Pink" and "Reflects Fuschia", a sparkling fuchsia tone, and if you really want her girl-pout then you could also try MAC's Dazzleglass Lipgloss in shade "Like Venus", a bubblegum pink with red pearl - http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/product/shaded/166/1765/Products/Lips/Lipglass/Dazzleglass/index.tmpl (I also really love shades "Extra Amps", a sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl, and shade "Love Alert", a raspberry red with red pearl)

Credits are - 
Photography - Kate Bellm
Styling - John William 
Hair - Roku Roppongi
Makeup - Bea Sweet using MAC
Talent - Arvida Bystrom

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