Gita for HUNGER

I did US-Rapper Gita's Makeup for Hunger Magazine.

Credits are -
Hunger Magazine
Talent - Gita
Photography - Hayley Louisa Brown
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Amber Rose Peake @ Carol Hayes Management
Nails - ClaireK


Milly Simmonds for SCMP

I did the Makeup for Milly Simmonds @ Elite London for SCMP Magazine, South China Morning Post.

Credits are -
Photography - Jeff Hahn
Styling - Simone Konu
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Soichi
Nails - ClaireK
Set Design - Georgia Lewin
Model - Milly Simmonds @ Elite London


Lara Mullen for RIKA Magazine

Not too long ago I had a road trip down to South Down Barnes in Devon to shoot Lara Mullen for the latest issue of RIKA Magazine.

We stayed in an amazing property, ate good food, had great company and shot on location around the property and down on the coast of Devon surrounded by rolling hillside, Falabella ponies and a puppy called River.

Credits -
RIKA Magazine
Photography - Jesse John Jenkins
Styling - Rebecca Corbin-Murray @ D+V Management
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Michael Jones
Model - Lara Mullen @ Premier

South Down Barnes - http://southdownbarns.co.uk/
RIKA Magazine - http://www.rikaint.com/1284-2/


Super Nasty

I recently shot for Super Nasty Magazine and did the Makeup for Jessica Clarke @ Viva London.  (She was a Victoria's Secrets model!)

I gave Jessica graphic eyes, with heavy lashings of black and lots of eyelashes with the tiniest of nods to a sci-fi 1960's.

I used Illamasqua's Eyeliner cake in "Mislead", a pure heavy-set black mixed with the matching Sealing Gel instead of water, turning "Mislead" into a colour-intense, water resistant paste.

Three shades of Illamasqua's lipsticks were used on her lips throughout the day, including "Sangers", the perfect blood red.

You can read about the magazine here - http://supernasty.nastygal.com/#hiding-in-the-roses

Credits -
Super Nasty Magazine
Photography - Daniel Thomas Smith
Styling - Jeanie Annan Lewin
Makeup - Bea Sweet using Illamasqua, Dermalogica Skincare and OPI Nails
Hair - Kota Suizu
Illustration - Rosanna Webster
Model - Jessica Clarke @ Viva London



I worked as US-Rapper Gita's Makeup for Wonderland Magazine.

I kept her skin immaculately clean, leaving the focus on her browline teamed with a matte lip shade.

Gita's eyebrows were filled in using a mixture of MAC's matte eye shadows in "Carbon" and "Embark", only then to be completed with a little of MAC's Brow Finisher.

"Amorous", a "lovestruck cranberry" shade of lipstick with a satin finish was applied to Gita's lips and matted down to mute the tone.

Credits -
Wonderland Magazine
Photography - Liam MF Warwick
Stylist - Francesca Turner
Makeup - Bea Sweet using MAC Cosmetics
Hair - Amber Rose Peake at Carol Hayes Management using L'Oreal Professionnel Techni Art
Nail Technician - Claire K using OPI
Photographic Assistance - Andre Titcombe
Fashion Assistance - Samantha Gold

Brooke Candy

I worked as Brooke Candy's Makeup Artist for the latest issue of WAD Magazine.  I channelled my inner Marilyn and gave Brooke a signature slick black winged eye-liner and a classic matte-red pout.

Credits -
WAD Magazine
Talent - Brooke Candy
Photography - Alis Pelleschi
Styling - William Wright
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Roxanne Attard
Nails - Claire K