The Year Just Passed

This time of year often calls for reflection on the time passed.  For me, this includes the time since leaving University (July 2011)  until now, about to head into 2013.

I think some times I need to cut myself some slack because I really haven't been out of Uni long, and I am still taking baby steps, finding my feet.

Uni sucked the life out of me, I worked so disgustingly hard to get the grade I wanted.  I gained a First Class Honours at The London College of Fashion undertaking a BA(Hons) Makeup and Prosthetics.  This I guess is technically my biggest achievement, it took 3 years of solid work, juggling assisting, shooting, making contacts AND the masses upon masses of theoretical and practical work relating to University.

I think the hardest part of University was getting people to understand just how thinly I was spread, especially loved ones.  But never mind - I did it and I've come out the other side living to tell the tale.

I'd say that my highlights of the year have been -

Shooting my first Tatler story, shooting my first Harpers Bazaar Story, shooting my first Beauty story for i-D online, keying my first show at London Fashion Week with Elgar Johnson, shooting for Nylon, Vogue Japan and working on a selection of music videos with exciting new artists.  These are the sorts of jobs I love, where new friendships are formed and hopefully we will all be working together still when we are old and grey!

I have also loved assisting and am so grateful to the artists that have welcomed me to their world.  I don't want to name them because I'm not sure how happy they'd be if this was perceived as using their name to better myself or anything - but if you are reading this and I've assisted you this year - Thank you and I have loved every second.  Even the manic, panic, back-stage ones.

I've also made some wonderful new friends in client-form, to be asked to do the Makeup for Agi & Sam's first Womenswear Lookbook for Harvey Nichols was an honour for me, working with the brand MiH Jeans, and of course being asked to do the Makeup for my first ever Kenzo Campaign was an incredible feeling.

My most treasured moment was shooting for V Magazine with Simon Foxton and Nick Knight.  I couldn't believe it when I found out Nick had accepted my proposal and I still remember that moment of choking back floods of exhaustive tears when our two days of shooting came to a close.  I really have Simon to thank for making it happen and making friends with him has been nothing short of an honour.

So I guess looking back, although this year has been horrifically difficult, it hasn't come without it's blessings in many hidden forms.

I'm particularly thankful for the friendships I've formed and as they say, start as you mean to go on!  Bring on 2013.

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    Sweet post :) Looking forward to another great year of working with you beaness X