Wasabi - Clash Magazine

Wasabi Story
Clash Magazine

Photography - Harley Weir
Styling - Matthew Josephs
Hair and Makeup - Bea Sweet
Models - Taigen (from Bo Ningen) and Zhu Lin @ IMG

This story came out a little while ago but I didn't get copies of pics, magazine, or PDFs until literally a couple of hours ago when I was sent PDFs. Hence the massive delay. But nevermind, here they are now all shiny and cute.

I really love Zhu Lin and how gentle she looks in this story, also the sheer amount of Meadham Kirchhoff pieces really tickles my pickle more than slightly.

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  1. i seriously love these photos <3 everything is just so magical
    the clothes seem secondary, the narrative being the most important thing
    that's how I feel all editorials should be like