Astrid Andersen styled by Elgar Johnson

I keyed Astrid Andersen's MAN show, styled by Elgar Johnson.

Read the write-up on Vogue HERE
Read the write-up on i-D HERE

I was commissioned to make little ankle tattoos that looked like sport socks logos.. it was actually a really massive job and the result is that you can't see any of them from the photos, because all of the photos have been taken from straight on, thus missing my little ankle logo tattoos - LOL #memotoself You can JUST see them in the Vogue photos (who covered the event) so I've put up the pics here.

The whole show was amazing, the experience was amazing, I was super duper chuffed to be working with Elgar who I have admired from afar for soooo long.

I was assisting last season on Astrids show so to be asked to key it this season was also really really major for me. I really love Astrids direction and she makes some seriously cool clothes.

I loved the whole experience and am secretly hoping that I will get asked again. We had some gorgeous boys this time including my all time favourite Fernando Cabral. Fernando's skin is just unreal it is so beautiful, so this of course made my day. Harry @ M&P was also walking the show which was really nice as he's a friend - Shoutout to Harry!

I had three amazing assistants helping me, including my pal at Illamasqua Stephanie McLean, Jennie Wren and Kelly Newton - shout out to you girls who are all awesome and I couldn't have done it without! HOLLA.

Also a big thank you to Simon Foxton who put me forward for the job. Thank you Simon I love you and owe you some kinda serious crazy pint!!

Well that's my Oscars speech over and done with. On a serious note, I loved the whole thing and it has been a personal career highlight. Yay for MAN shows!


  1. Well done Bea I'm so proud!!!! ^_^

    Also massively jealz I wasn't assisting you (why would I be!) cos I LOVE Ryan what a babe xx

  2. Next time I'll ask if you're free ;) He is totally cool he's awesome!