Bea Sweet Facebook

I've made an official page for myself on Facebook -

Click HERE for the link.  It's Facebook.com/BEASWEETMAKEUP

I'll be using it a bit like a Facebook-type blog thing and posting all recent work there.  It's also a way of adding me on Facebook without adding my personal account because I'm getting way too many requests from people I don't know and I would like to regain some privacy and not have 100's and 100's of strangers knowing when I brushed my teeth (not that I update with that, I don't).

So if you'd like to follow me, then do so there!  I do all updates myself so you're practically getting the real thing anyway, just not my every day drivel whinging about something or posting up music I like (such as THIS).

At the moment I have 53 "likes".  The last time I created a page for myself I had over 950.  Oops!

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