Maya Jane Coles

DJ Maya Jane Coles for Nylon Magazine
Photography - Masha Mel
Styling - Tess Yopp
Makeup - Bea Sweet

Fun little day for a fun girl, Maya is great and if you've not heard of her, well now you have.


Vita Vita

Amazingly hot Vita.

Photography - Kate Bellm
Styling - John William
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Hair - Roku Roppongi
Model - Vita Cagnone @ Premier

Bea Sweet Facebook

I've made an official page for myself on Facebook -

Click HERE for the link.  It's Facebook.com/BEASWEETMAKEUP

I'll be using it a bit like a Facebook-type blog thing and posting all recent work there.  It's also a way of adding me on Facebook without adding my personal account because I'm getting way too many requests from people I don't know and I would like to regain some privacy and not have 100's and 100's of strangers knowing when I brushed my teeth (not that I update with that, I don't).

So if you'd like to follow me, then do so there!  I do all updates myself so you're practically getting the real thing anyway, just not my every day drivel whinging about something or posting up music I like (such as THIS).

At the moment I have 53 "likes".  The last time I created a page for myself I had over 950.  Oops!


Lucy Jay Jaguar Shoes No One Cafe

Blurb nicked from HERE - "Lucy Jones is the founder and driving force behind Lucy Jay, a bold and exciting new accessories label. Her collections of silk scarves feature elaborate and dynamic patterns. The exhibition at The Old Shoreditch Station will exclusively launch the Lucy Jay A/W 13 Collection and will feature large-scale artworks inspired by her new range of printed graphic silk scarves.
The vision for the Lucy Jay label is derived from combining together unusual concepts and representing them through shapes, colour and graphic pattern. Her A/W 13 collection took its inspiration from colourful character Sue Kreitzman, an artist from New York living in East London. The installation will include the images from the new Lucy Jay look book, art directed and styled by John William and photographed by Saga Sig. The photo shoot took place at Sue’s house, in amongst her fantastical creations and collections.
Lucy Jay has been featured in Creative Review, How To Spend It, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon magazine, Twin magazine, Grazia, the Telegraph and her scarves now in stock at our boutique store, No-one. This exhibition will be the first chance to view and buy the collection anywhere in the world.
As part of the exhibition JaguarShoes Collective will also be producing a limited edition collectable."

I did the Makeup, Hair and Nails, assisted by Yasmin Francis for the whole project, including the Lookbook and Editorial.

And our lovely models were Hannah (Sue Kreitzman's friend), Sue herself, (my fabulous assistant) Yasmin, Hannah (Anna Trevelyan's assistant and Alis Pelleschi and no doubt someone else I have forgotten.

Anyway here are all the photos and such.  And correct credits.


Glitter story

Here's a glitter beauty macro story I did just for fun.

Photography - Ren Rox
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Models - Sienna @ FM


Hole Love

Here are the PDF's for Hole Love, the Courtney Love inspired story I shot with Saga Sig.

Credits -
Please! Magazine
Photography - Saga Sig
Stylist - John William
Makeup/Wig/Nails - Bea Sweet using Illamasqua
Model - Billie Turnbull @ Select


Here's an extra shot I just nabbed from Svala's Facebook this morning, from our shoot from VICE Magazine.

Photography - Saga Sig
Stylist - Anna Trevelyan
Hair/Makeup/Nails did - Bea Sweet
Model - Svala @ Nevs