Saga Portrait

Another piccy from when me and David played dress up with Saga. I look back on this day with such fond memories.

When I was a kid I used to play with my best friend Hayley who lived round the back of me. I had a dressing up box that had things like my mums friends' old dresses who used to work in theatre and things like veils, costume jewellery, long sparkly gloves and oversized wedding dresses! Me and Hayley would take turns in who was the bridesmaid and who was the bride.

This day dressing up Saga really took me back to those times of just having loads of fun dressing up with your friend. Good, clean fun. This is what life should be about :)

Talent - Saga Sigurdardottir
Photography - Elli Egilsson
Styling - David Motta
Hair and Makeup - Bea Sweet

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