Kyle for i-D - Close up and personal

Here's a close-up shot of the grooming I did on Kyle Forde @ D1 for i-D online.

I don't like putting makeup on boys, unless there's a spot then all I will do is groom the skin lightly and bring back the freshness to the skin.

I like to leave birth marks, moles, and controversially - circles around the eyes. I love the natural hues that collect around the eyes, the slightly dewy eyelids and natural slighly toned shaded circles underneath. I like to leave the things on boys that make them boys and not detract from their natural beauty.

For Kyle's grooming I cleansed, toned, and moisturised his face and decolletage. I kept his lips moist with lipbalm and his skin lightly oiled with a dry oil.

I always make sure to brush eyebrows and keep them in shape with MAC's Brow Set (my favourite thing in the world), and I also will brush any facial hair. As silly as this sounds, you'd be suprised the directions moustache and any facial hair on boys can go in!

I also give the hands and nails a bit of attention. I like boys to have a neat and short filed nail. Not bitten and chewed, that isn't so beautiful! I rub moisturiser into all the knuckles and make sure not to forget areas such as the elbows and knees, particularly on black skin or any skin non-white.

After all of this - Kyle was ready! See, easy. Though it is never really that difficult on someone with the beauty levels of Kyle.

Photography - Kate Bellm
Styling - John William
Hair - Roku Roppongi
Makeup - Bea Sweet
Model - Kyle Forde @ D1
Hair Assistance - Tomomi Roppongi

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