Solveig Karadottir for Nytt Lif with Saga Sig

Magazine - Nytt Lif
Talent - Solveig Karadottir
Photography - Saga Sig
Stylist - David Motta
Makeup, Hair and Nails - Bea Sweet

I shot the front cover and fashion story with Saga Sig and David Motta styling, for Iceland's main fashion magazine "Nytt Lif".

I did the hair, makeup and nails for Solveig Karadottir, a beautiful model from Iceland.

I gave Solveig's hair a gentle wave and softened it with dry shampoo to give it a light, fluffy texture. I then brushed it out with a mason pearson brush to help lift through the hair from root to tip.

I freshened Solveig's face by cleansing, toning and moisturising, and dusted her eyes with a soft shining brown eye shadow. Her eyebrows were already naturally full and dark so all they needed was a slight groom with brow set from MAC.

My favourite piece David styled her in was the giant over-sized gold and black zip up jacket by Inbar Spector with black and gold prada zip up shoes.. want!

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