Katie Eary

Today I worked on the prosthetics for Katie Eary's show at London Fashion Week.

I bumped into a few people I hadn't seen for a while which was nice. The show itself was a huge success, with even Kanye West dropping by.

I was helping out Isamaya Ffrench with prosthetic ears, fitting them and colouring them in to match the models. I think I did about 18 ears today! My favourite little elf girl wanted to keep her ears on (AWW) as I had fitted her with sweet little downwards facing ears!

I really love elfy ears.

Photography credit of Bella Howard (who I also bumped in to) and other pics are just random ones I've found on my travels.

Photos -
1. Yuri Pleskun (who's ears I coloured in) and another male model from Elite.
2. Katie and Kanye.
3. Male model.
4. The elf girls (including my fave elf on the end <3)

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