Elliot Atkinson AW12

I assisted Kate Lindsay for Georgina Graham at Elliot Atkinson's London Fashion Week show Autumn Winter 2012.

Elliot produced an exquisite, wearable collection using neat knits, tight jeans and short, yet classy skirts.

Makeup products were courtesy of Laura Mercier, we began by prepping the skin with Repair Serum, and secret eye brightener, refreshing the girls after their previous shows.

We worked tinted moisturiser gently into the skin preparing it for secret camo, and then finishing it off with pressed setting powder for a matte finish.

The eyes were inspired by the smokey ash that would collect around a girls eyes as if she had fell asleep by a fireplace and woken in the morning to find ash circling her eyes.

The eye colour of ash was created by mixing two shades of matte eye colour eye shadow on the back of the hand before lightly working onto the eyelids and sockets.

The look was finished with a light lip balm and creme de Pistache body moisturiser to give a light shine to the girls' legs and arms.

Elliot Atkinson
Stylist - Sara Gilmour
Hair - James Pecis
Makeup - Georgina Graham, Kate Lindsay, Natalie Piacun, Bea Sweet

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